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Knowing more Awards, intelligent technology and environmentally conscious factories define the Volkswagen Group image again in 2014.

Introducing the new Jetta.

The first generation Jetta was released in 1979 and introduced to Australia with the third generation, known as the Vento, in 1995.  Four years later saw the release of the fourth generation - the Bora. As the vehicle’s fan base continued to grow in Australia the official Jetta nameplate was introduced with the fifth generation in 2006. Now in its seventh generation the Jetta has developed a long history and uniquely crafted for those who value precision engineering, European styling and everyday elegance.

protecting moorland and biodiversity.

The Volkswagen-supported UN programme “Protecting the moorlands protects the climate” has won an award as an official project of the UN Decade on Biodiversity. The project sponsors are Volkswagen Financial Services AG and the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (Naturschutzbund Deutschland – NABU), who are working together toward more climate-friendly vehicle fleets and the protection of moorlands. The UN Decade on Biodiversity was declared for the period 2011 to 2020 by the United Nations to slow the worldwide decline in the diversity of plant and animal species.

newcomer already a style-setter.

Though only introduced onto the German market at the end of May, the Golf Sportsvan is already very popular. At the Autonis contest, readers of Auto Motor und Sport (AMS) magazine have selected the Golf Sportsvan as the best new design of 2014 by a wide margin ahead of the competition. Every year, AMS readers award a prize based on appearance to one of the models introduced in the previous 12 months. More than 17,000 people participated in 2014. The Golf Sportsvan won them over both with its look and with its space- orientated vehicle concept – thanks to a lengthwise sliding back seat, it provides space for five people and plenty of luggage.

environmental project wins prize.

The Volkswagen strategy Think Blue.Factory is aiming to revamp all of its sites worldwide to become 25 percent more ecologically compatible than in the year 2010. And with success. The halfway mark to the goal has already been reached. That feat has now been acknowledged. The Energy Globe Foundation in Austria has conferred its National Energy Globe Award on Think Blue.Factory.