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Meet the fans.

To coincide with the release of the new Golf R, Das Auto. Magazine caught up with Volkswagen performance hatch enthusiasts and asked them what they love about their cars.

Photography Peter Collie

» It’s always been my dream to own a Golf GTI. I ended up getting one and I think it’s the best one there is. « - Azgar

2010 Golf GTI Mk6 (Adidas edition)

How long have you owned your car? 3.5 years (bought new).
Any modifications/tweaks? New wheels, basically.
Owned any other Volkswagens?
A 1974 Beetle, and my wife has a
Golf GTI Mk6, too.
Any other brands? Audi, Seat.
What do you love about your car?
I love the build quality. It’s really solid, so you feel safe on the road. And I think the power is unbelievable for a hatchback. Favourite road trip: I really like the drive from my house [in Sydney] to Jervis Bay, but I like to take the back roads through Mittagong and Bowral. Such a nice drive!

Ideal road trip: I think Australian roads are underestimated. I’d like to explore more of NSW, particularly around the south coast.
Music to drive to? I like trance (no vocals!).
Last car-related purchase? Probably a Volkswagen wallet I bought in South Africa. Last thing you lost: My lock nut for my car wheels. I also lost my Beats headphones on the flight to South Africa. Damn!
Last piece of good advice you received:
My mum has always said to me, “When one door closes, another opens.”

Azgar says: “Buying the car was a spur- of-the-moment thing on the day, but I’d wanted a Golf GTI since I was about 14, so it was a dream come true.”

» I wanted a Volkswagen because I knew it was a good brand. This car caught my eye straight away. It’s the first decent car I’ve ever owned so it’s something I take pride in. I’ve worked hard to own this car. «  –James

2007 Golf GTI Mk5

How long have you owned your car? Two years (bought second-hand). Any modifications/tweaks? A new body kit, new lights, dual exhaust, matt black badging and wheels.
Owned any other Volkswagens?
What do you love about your car?
I like that it’s something different. I love its looks and its performance. People turn their heads when I drive past. I don’t have the badges on the car so some people don’t know what it is.
Favourite road trip: I think the Royal National Park is incredibly scenic. The twists and turns of the road there are great, and it leads to the Sea Cliff Bridge, which is great to drive, too.
Ideal road trip: A drive down to Melbourne.
Music to drive to? R’n’B and house. Last car-related purchase? I bought a bobble head of Steve Jobs.
Last thing you lost: Something valuable that my dad gave to me. I’m gutted that I lost it.
Last piece of good advice you received: “Appreciate every day that you live.” My dad’s full of good advice.


James says: “I’ve had some issues with my previous car, so [when I was looking for a new car] I wanted to get one I knew I could rely on.”

» I need to thank my son for steering me onto this car. I was looking around for a performance car and he recommended I try it out. I was converted as soon as I heard the engine note. « –Ray

2004 Golf R32 Mk4

How long have you owned your car? Nine years (second owner).
Any modifications/tweaks? It’s stock standard.
Owned any other Volkswagens? No. What do you love about your car? The overall styling isn’t over-the-top, but you can tell it’s a Golf. Enthusiasts can look at the sills, the fat guards, the grille at the front and the rear beaver tail and know
it’s a Golf, but one that’s a little different, especially with the big exhaust pipes out the back.
(Meredith): The engine really is super smooth. Whenever I get behind the wheel, the acceleration blows me away—it’s such a driver’s car.
Favourite road trip: The drive to Port Macquarie.
Ideal road trip: We drove the Romantic Road in Germany [between Würzburg and Füssen] and called through the Nürburgring. It would have been
a great trip if we’d been in this car!

Music to drive to? Rock or jazz. Definitely not country and western.
Last car-related purchase? The side mirror covers (the ear muffs, as I like to call them).
Last thing you lost: Not sure. I lost my sanity years ago.
Last piece of good advice you received: (Meredith) Do it now, don’t procrastinate. Don’t put anything off.

Meredith says: “Ray has always treated his car with kid gloves. Whenever he gets behind the wheel, our daughter says, ‘At last, you’re finally using it!’ ”

» I’ve got a decal of the Nürburgring [racing track] on the fuel door. It seems fitting, being a German car. « –Stephen

2010 Golf R Mk6

How long have you owned your car? Four years (bought new).
Any modifications/tweaks? I’ve increased the power and modified the suspension/handling, so it responds the way I want it to. I’ve also made a couple of subtle cosmetic changes to the car.

Owned any other Volkswagens? Yes, I used to own a Mk5 Jetta, which was an awesome car.
What do you love about your car?
It’s a ‘big’ small car. It can do everything a big car can do, but it’s still small enough to park anywhere you want to park it. It’s versatile, but with loads of performance.

Favourite road trip: The Royal National Park. It’s got nice, twisty roads so you can test out the handling of the car. The longest drive I’ve done in this car has been to Jervis Bay.
Ideal road trip: Aross the US, or some of Europe’s great driving destinations such as the Swiss Alps.
Music to drive to? I listen to a lot of old- school R’n’B and hip-hop. Soundtracks, too.

Last car-related purchase? A new set of tyres.
Last thing you lost: My phone.
Last piece of good advice you received: “Keep going and never give up.”

Stephen says: “I picked the car up after a six-month wait. The date also happened to be my birthday. Driving out of the showroom floor in my brand-new Golf R on my birthday—it doesn’t get any better than that!”

» It’s a bare-knuckle car; it’s phenomenal. The acceleration pushes you back in the seat. No-one really knows how fast it is—that’s how
I like it. «

2004 Golf R32 Mk4


How long have you owned your car? A little over two years (second owner).
Any modifications/tweaks? Turbo kit, Brembo brakes, suspension. Cosmetically, it’s still standard.
Owned any other Volkswagens?
I’ve owned a Golf R32 Mk5. I currently have a Passat R36 as well.
Any other brands? Audi.
What do you love about your car?
I bought it for the rawness of it and for the exclusivity of it as well, given that only 200 made it into the country.
Favourite road trip: I love going to Putty Road (from Windsor to the Hunter Valley) in this car. It has some beautiful scenery and the car excels on the twists and turns.

Ideal road trip: I’d like to start in the UK and then work my way to Spain.
Music to drive to? I like ‘hip-rock’. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, for example.
Last car-related purchase? A turbo blanket (to keep heat constant in the turbo).

Last thing you lost: I dropped my expensive sunglasses in the plane toilet. I didn’t have the heart to use them again!

Last piece of good advice you received: Someone once told me, “Keep things simple.” In everything I do, I try to keep that in mind.


Jose says: “I waited a year to find the right Mk4. The previous owner, a QC, bought it because it was numbered 75 of 200. There was one time he serviced the car and it had only travelled 700km since its last service. So, it has barely been driven at all.”


» If my wife needs something from the shop, I’ll volunteer to go and get it. I’ll make any excuse to drive the car. I’m totally hooked on it. « –John

2010 Golf R Mk6

How long have you owned your car? Four years (bought new).
Any modifications/tweaks? It has an after-market tune, and new exhaust and suspension. Wheels, too.
Owned any other Volkswagens? An early Beetle, a Golf R32 Mk4 and a V6 4MOTION Bora.
What do you love about your car? It’s well made, it delivers on performance and it keeps its value.
Favourite road trip: Every year I go to the Gold Coast for holidays. One year my son Sam and I did a road trip to Brisbane in convoy, which was great.
Ideal road trip: The Sydney to Tweed Heads drive is still one of my favourite drives.
Music to drive to? My son loads his music into his MP3 player. It’s music for ‘young heads’, but I like a lot of what he plays.
Last car-related purchase? New tyres. Last thing you lost: I’m forever losing my glasses.
Last piece of good advice you received:
Always be true to yourself.

John says: “I’m on several Volkswagen car forums. I love hearing other people’s car-related stories.”

» The first night I drove the car I took it into the city and a guy pulled up next to me and gave me the thumbs up. We had a chat about it at the lights. He was into his cars as well, obviously. That’s when I knew the car was kinda special. « –Russell

1977 Golf LS (GTI spec)

How long have you owned your car? One year exactly (third owner).

Any modifications/tweaks? The only thing I’ve done is remove a half bolt-in cage. The second owner set it up for the track (complete with GTI-spec engine), but I’m pretty sure it’s never been raced.

Owned any other Volkswagens? A 1990 Golf GTI Mk2, which I use as a track car, and a 2010 GTI Mk6.

What do you love about your car?
It’s such a raw car. I’ve already got a refined vehicle [the Golf GTI Mk6], so I wanted something opposite. I love that it’s rough and ready.
Favourite road trip: When I visited the Nürburgring, friends and I hired a car to go around the track in—a turbo-diesel Jetta. So much fun!
Ideal road trip: I’d love to take on Route 66 in a Kombi, I’d say.
Music to drive to? I just hit ‘shuffle’ on the iPhone.

Last car-related purchase? A roll cage for the Mk2.
Last thing you lost: Nothing I can think of.
Last piece of good advice you received: My grandfather used to say to me all the time, “Go on, be a good sport!” It’s something I try and live my life by.

Russell says: “My Mk1 is older than me, which I love about owning it.”