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The Beetle

Meet the Beetle.

Few cars are as legendary—or as instantly recognisable—as the Volkswagen Beetle. With the release of the 21st Century Beetle, we spoke to three creative individuals and asked them if it’s possible to improve on a style icon.

Photos Peter Collie

behind the scenes.

The 21st Century Beetle
Das Auto. Magazine shoot

a modern classic.

Depending on what angle you’re looking at the Beetle from, I think it takes on a different appearance. I like that about it and I particularly like the retro-classic look of the interior. What appeals to me are the circular shapes repeated throughout the cabin.

» The gloss red dashboard really helps bring the outside inside! «

I particularly like the contrast of the dashboard’s matt black with the red gloss and how they are separated by splashes of chrome. It really helps bring the outside inside!

» The Beetle is very much my style. I think it’s contemporary looking and I love the design language. «


ready to pounce.

The new Beetle is really aerodynamic looking. I like way the flared-out skirting adds to the streamlined look of the car, the way the windscreen is more raked and how the back of the car slopes away. The strong haunches make it look like it’s ready to pounce. It really has a roadster look to it.

» It looks wound up, like it‘s ready to pounce. It really has a roadster look to it. «

I love the Beetle’s spoiler and the way its been finished in two colours above and below. The black lip certainly helps to elongate the rear window.

» Good design attracts your attention, but great design keeps your attention. I keep looking around the car and finding more interesting details. «


old but new.

The changes to the new Beetle are subtle, but I think the new design really gives the car a dramatic impact. I can see parallels with the original Beetle but the new model is not quite so bubble-shaped. It’s definitely been sharpened up and I think that makes it look more like a serious motor car.

“The new design creates a dramatic impact.”

I really like the low profile and how tight the overall shape is. And I love the headlights. The curve of the wheel arches have been softened and the whole front has been streamlined, which makes the car feel oh-so sleek.

» Volkswagen has kept the essence of the original Beetle but streamlined and modernised it. «



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