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What are the best songs for driving on the motorway, being stuck in traffic or going on a family trip? In this series, famous musicians tell us what relaxes and inspires them in the car.

Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa. Cameron Jibril Thomaz, known as Wiz Khalifa, is currently one of the world’s most successful rap artists. In 2014 his album “Blacc Hollywood” shot to the top of the US Billboard charts. “See You Again”, Khalifa’s 2015 song from the film “Fast & Furious 7”, was the first hip hop tune to get more than a billion hits on YouTube. Combining rough-and-ready rap from the southern US states with elements of disco sound, he has created his own style. His latest album is titled “Khalifa”.

1 Saturday night on the way to a party?

To get in the mood for a great night with my friends, I like hearing songs like “My Kitchen” or “Everybody Looking” by the rapper Gucci Mane. He’s a genius – his beats are simply amazing.

2 On the way to the stadium?

My friends and I are serious fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. So of course we listen to artists from the city when we go to a game. The rap scene in Pittsburgh is really impressive: Mars Jackson, Devin Miles and Sleep Skee are great.

3 Rolling down main street in your favourite car at sunset?

I love old-school music – not just hip hop, but also soul and funk. My list of favourite songs just keeps getting longer! Right at the top are pieces like “Behind a Painted Smile” and “Let’s Fall in Love” by the Isley Brothers. They have incredibly intensive singing voices.

4 Setting off on a holiday trip with my family?

I like it when people of different generations come together. On these types of occasions I enjoy playing classic tunes like “Summer Breeze” by the Isleys – it makes everyone happy.

5 Driving down a romantic country road on a beautiful sunny day?

Sting is a perfect fit for moments like that. The song “Walking on the Moon” by his band The Police really resonates with me. It brings back memories of my childhood, because I heard it a lot with my father back then.

6 In the mountains on snow-covered roads?

Snow can even cause chaos on the streets of Pittsburgh! The best thing for that is the cool New York rapper Nas. Illmatic, his debut album from 1994, is now considered a hip hop classic. But I like his record “I Am …” even better.

7 Stuck in big-city traffic?

Bob Marley! When I hear “Is this Love” or “Bad Boys”, it completely relaxes me. I admire Marley very much – he is a reggae music pioneer with a lot of attitude. I like almost all of his songs.

8 Driving on the motorway at night?

I love blasting “Stay Fly” from the rap group Three 6 Mafia at full volume – and singing along. If there’s a sound that really grooves, that’s it!

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