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Episode 5: 4MOTION.

What is it?

4MOTION is Volkswagen’s intelligent all-wheel drive system. It distributes drive power as and when needed, guaranteeing the best possible power in every driving situation.

How does the system help?

Distributing the drive ­power across all four wheels ­enables the car to handle icy or steep roads with style. But if a wheel starts spinning out of control, the system applies its brake and corrects the drive power via the opposite wheel. Climbing steep hills or pulling a trailer can remove pressure from the front axle, so the amount of drive applied to the rear axle is increased accordingly.

How does the system work?

On the principle of an electronically activated multi-disc clutch. While drive power is normally applied to the front axle at all times, the multi-disc clutch controls the permanent drive by activating the rear axle as needed. A vehicle status detection function in the control unit analyses signals from components like the engine and the electronic stabilisation program (ESP) to calculate how the drive power must be distributed.

What is so special about the Touareg’s all-wheel drive?

The Touareg is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive with central differential. The Terrain Tech equipment line comes with an electric gear reduction ratio for tough off-road journeys. By applying maximum drive power, it can achieve a climbing performance of up to 100 percent.

Permanent safety

Teamwork:  4MOTION works with all control systems linked to driving dynamics, such as the electronic differential lock and the traction control system.

Active safety

Confidence:  Permanent safety helps the system to stay on the best course. Difficult situations can be tackled stress-free.
ESC: The all-wheel drive system and ESP are linked to one another, allowing the ESP to intervene in the 4MOTION control unit as needed.